With 20 years in the tattoo arts industry, The Wedding Tattooer
will deliver a top notch, professional experience your guests
will remember forever

We create custom packages to blend seamlessly into your big event
from the mildest to the wildest of themes

  Who is The Wedding Tattooer?

A bit about the gentleman himself

National award winning tattoo artist Robert Fiore, that's who!    After spending years becoming fluent in all styles of tattoo,  Robert decided to bring the ancient ritual of celebratory tribal marking to a modern day atmosphere, thus The Wedding Tattooer was born.   When he's not tattooing or training his apprentices, Robert lives a minimalist life enjoying outdoor adventures with his lovely wife Holly and beautiful toddler son Gabriel, woodworking, and tending to their gardens. 

"There is no greater reason to adorn one's flesh with a marking than to celebrate the love between two people and the tribes they come from.  It's a ritual as old as time ."
-Robert Fiore, The  Wedding Tattooer

  • 20 years experience in the tattoo arts industry
  • Recipient of multiple national tattoo awards ranging in multiple styles including minimalist, lettering, traditional, black and grey, floral color and portraiture
  • Curator of seasonal art exhibitions held at the Red Lotus Art Factory
  • Background in event planning, interior design, color theory and botany

What's all the buzz about?

         It's all about the details

When planning your package, The Wedding Tattooer will pay meticulous attention to every last detail ensuring we blend right in.  A questionaire followed by a private consultation will get the brainstorming gears turning for how we can customize your package to make your event as unique and memorable as possible.  This part is essential to really get to know our clients and create the best design to symbolize the love they share.  The Wedding Tattooer's headquarters, Red Lotus Tattoo Company, consistantly sets  cutting edge standards in the tattoo industry, making sure we deliver a clean and sterile procedure for every client, while also making the tattoo a fun and memorable experience for everyone!

  •  100% vegan tattoo pigments 
  • All needles, tubes and pigments are single use and hospital grade sterilized 
  • Procedure set ups used are single use and disposable, ensuring the safety of each guest
  • Boldest and brighest of colors individually dispersed for each guest
  • Aftercare product and instructions for each guest
  • Certified in bloodbourne pathogen, cross contamination and CPR training
  • Fully licensed and insured

       Tell me more please

What we're bringing to the table

Every event is unique as the families joining together on your special day, and we would be honored to share it with you.  Your occasion can be classic, eclectic, or anything in between, our experience and attention to the smallest of details will ensure your guests will fondly remember the day you said "I do".  At the heart of every great occasion is a warm, positive vibe felt by everyone involved, where  guests feel comfortable to relax, be themselves, and get to know eachother.  When you reveal to your guests The Wedding Tattooer will be grand facilitator of your wedding reception, bachelor/bachelorette party or other special occasion, it will create a buzz unlike any other and join everyone in celebration.  The Wedding Tattooer is no stranger to the hectic pace of "The Big Day", so relax!  You and your guests are in good hands!  We've got you covered!

  • Unique, one of a kind tattoo designs for the happy couple, wedding party  and guests
  • Packages customized to accomodate all budgets and themes
  • Other occasions on your site or ours
  • Our LGBT friends and family THROW THE BEST PARTIES, so don't be shy!  We would love to be a part of your big day!
  • Available worldwide
  • Accept no imitations!  I am The Original Wedding Tattooer!